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  • Maître Gonou

Powerful MAMIWATA initiation ritual: the wealth pact with the powerful queen of the waters

ritual to call on mamiwata
Make a pact with mami wata for wealth and fame

The MAMI-WATA Initiation will only last seven (07) days thanks to the daily improvements at the temple of Grand Master GONOU to satisfy you. You will have the call keys so that she answers you immediately. The mystical world of water will be within your reach. Mamiwata has a reputation for quickly and considerably enriching the man/woman who calls on her. All wealth is given by this deity.

Making a wealth pact without human sacrifice is possible with Mamiwata who is a very powerful deity. But many practitioners are careful not to say this, because they derive a certain occult advantage from the blood, notably for the appearance of certain spirits from the lower astral. Blood sacrifice is not (and never has been) a requirement of Mamiwata and Tatiwata. In addition to wealth, these planetary entities can bring you into their “wave” of evolution, that is, bring you out of the human race and into their race. They also offer exact knowledge of the stars, because you are aware that the stars greatly influence the water on the planet (humans, like the planet, are essentially composed of water); the occult anatomy of man; various sciences such as mathematics, astrophysics, quantum physics, etc. You will have many other things to discover, such as being accompanied by Mamiwata or Tatiwata, physically to an outing...

Please note:

- MAMI WATA is not an evil deity, which is why the color that represents her is always white. And so she will never ask you for any evil sacrifice of any kind.

- For your request for initiation to become a follower of the Queen Mother, everything will start with a consultation.

- You can decide to break the link with the water genius at any time if you no longer want to be a follower of Mami Wata. The genius MamiWata is not an evil spirit and therefore does not possess anyone and does not impose anything on anyone.



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