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Pact of wealth and fame with MAMI WATA : the powerful initiation ritual MAMI WATA


pact of wealth with mami wata to become rich and famous
mami wata ritual

Possessing the power of mami wata or making a pact of wealth with the water spirits mamiwata, this is the great mami wata ritual for all those who truly want to become rich and have fame and glory or those who are already rich and wish to protect their wealth and for all those who want to have the mystical power to be able to control future events (their fate). Anyone who possesses this power can invoke the Queen of the Waters to win large sums of money in games of chance and lotteries, win large sums of money in business, receive the charm and beauty of MAMIWATA to charm anyone, have the power to turn events in one's favor...

powerful ritual of invocation to mami wata to win the lottery and have wealth
pact of wealth with the water queen mami wata

With Mami wata the Water Queen, your life will change radically:

- If you have the unfortunate impression that life is cruel and does not grant you any mercy; that you suffer greatly and unfairly for having an insufficient and miserable salary.

- If you are aware that your multiple efforts are no longer enough to give you success, success, happiness.

- If you are up to your neck in debt and nothing is going well in your business.

- If you are a business man or woman and you notice that nothing is going forward, nothing is working in your activities and you feel a blockage that makes your business fail or complicate your markets, everything will be solved in the blink of an eye and without any possible negative consequences.

- The people who especially need to call the Queen Mother Mami Wata are artists, politicians, businessmen or women and especially churchmen and anyone who wishes to have fame, glory, a great reputation and great fortune.

You will see that by making this pact with mami wata, no more evil will weigh on you and on your life. Even if evil spirits did not allow you to obtain on this earth the wealth, the success, a life of dream; the queen of waters will grant it to you without that you do not make many efforts, without that you do not make any sacrifice which could start prejudices with your life.

mami wata initiation ritual for power and wealth
mami wata ritual, wealth pact with mami wata to have wealth and glory
wealth pact with mami wata

Submit your case, your problem by sending me your name, first name, date of birth.

Please note:

- MAMI WATA is not an evil deity, that's why the color that represents her is always white. And so she will never ask you for any evil sacrifice of any kind.

- For your request to become a follower of the Queen Mother, everything will start with a consultation.

- People can decide to break the link with the water genie at any time if he no longer wants to be a follower of Mami Wata. The genie MamiWata is not an evil spirit and therefore does not possess anyone or impose anything on anyone.



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