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How to invoke mami wata the water queen, to receive magical celebrity gifts and become very rich? Here is the real secret of the magic wallet revealed.

Why call on Mami Wata and what does invoking Mami Wata consist of?

pact with mami wata to become rich and famous
mami wata perfume to invoke mami wata
white magic ritual of invoking mami wata to become rich

The magic wallet poses a lot of controversy, especially nowadays with the internet. And yet the magic wallet is very real. But the only secret that escapes the ignorant and these false marabouts on the internet is that in fact, there is no magic wallet, nor any other ritual of wealth without the power of MAMI WATA is the genius of waters and forests . She is the goddess of fertility, she is this goddess who is the god of wealth, glory and fame. No one can have the real magic wallet if he does not have this power and a person who has this power no longer necessarily needs the magic wallet to obtain great fortune. But how do we receive Mami Wata's great power to obtain glory, wealth and fame ?

Is it dangerous?, What are the risks to which we may be exposed?

pact with mami wata to become rich and famous without consequences
magic wallet, pact with mami wata to get rich

pact with mami wata to become rich and famous

Let me tell you first of all that in nature, there are several beneficial forces which are present and which are only waiting to be invoked and venerated to bring their grace to those who call upon them. The deity Mami wata is one such very powerful force of nature and is the deity who gives glory and great wealth to anyone who desires and calls upon him. The Mami Wata Deity is not an evil deity! To understand this, first see the color which symbolizes this divinity (the color white): white is the symbol of purity, of light. Evil forces are often symbolized by the colors black or red.

Offerings and invocation of the powerful deity of waters and forests Mami Wata for good luck, fame, glory and great fortune.

The pact with the Queen of the Waters consists of giving offerings to this powerful divinity to confide in her and ask for favors (glory, protection, wealth and power).

Thus the rituals which are performed to entrust the person to this divinity result in the consecration of a ring and a perfume which are the things that this person must have every day and which allow the person to invoke the queen mother Mami wata to send her prayers. Obviously this is not free but has no risk. Indeed, every follower of Mami Wata must give their offerings to this divinity at least once a year to implore their graces and protection.


– None of the offerings addressed to the water genius Mami Wata contain human blood sacrifices, Never!!!

– There is a difference between MAMI WATA and TATI WATA. TATI WATA is also a water divinity but is the bad side of the water force. Tati Wata is an evil possessive spirit and is symbolized by the color red. Here, Grand Master Martin AMANVEBA does not allow anyone to call on TATI WATA because it is a destructive force and only Grand initiates can call on it in certain very rare cases.

pact with mami

– For many people who are influenced by the water element, signing a pact with Mami wata is an infallible method, even obligatory for some to put an end to the difficulties of life, to put themselves under the protection of the great occult powers of Mami Wata, geniuses, beneficent spirits to no longer encounter bad luck in their projects and misfortune.

– The people who especially need to call on Queen Mother Mami Wata are artists, people who are in politics, business men or women and especially men of the church and anyone who wishes to have fame, glory and great fame.

– The Mami Wata initiation rituals are also done remotely if the person cannot travel to come to the Temple directly for the work. In this case the person must send his photo and other things that will be requested from him for the performance of the rituals at the beach.

At the end of the rituals, the ring and the perfume are shipped by DHL Express or by POST or other means. And the incantations and words of invocation to call upon the genius are given to the person and the person must use them in secret.

– You can decide to break the link with the water genius at any time if you no longer want to be a follower of Mami Wata. The genius Mami Wata is not an evil spirit and therefore does not possess anyone and does not impose anything on anyone.

NB: Master Marabout, priest Gonou is at your disposal Day and Night to help you.



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