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Purification bath to get rid of blockages due to abortions

How to get rid of blockages due to abortions that have taken place in your life.

purification to get rid of blockages linked to abortions, to purify yourself after an abortion.

So many women have abortions, associated with them by men, doctors and companies who are just as guilty as they are and are in no way spared from all the spiritual consequences of abortion.

Every sin committed has consequences, even if we say that God forgives us. The enemy knows this very well, which is why he manages to destroy the lives of many by making them believe that there are no consequences for sinning. Abortion is a serious sin whose consequences can ruin the entire life of a person or an entire family, especially if the aborted babies are twins. In addition to the physical consequences that it can have on the life of those who practice it, it has very formidable spiritual consequences on the lives of all those who have participated in it at least once. If sometimes the probable physical consequences of abortion are spared in certain people, the spiritual consequences always remain if you do not purify yourself. I cannot allow myself to precede the word “consequences” in this part with the word “probable” because physically a person may not have any after-effects after an abortion, but this is not the case spiritually speaking. Abortion has serious spiritual consequences on the lives of all those involved but particularly on the lives of mothers who abort. Practicing it is the door open to various evil spirits whose aim is to degrade the sinful soul: Sterility in the spiritual, incurable illnesses, poverty, celibacy, possession by a demon, incomprehensible curses, spiritual death , the loss of Salvation, the fact of grieving the Holy Spirit or the possibility of extinguishing It, etc…

How to get rid of the consequences of abortion

For the physical consequences, if they are not serious enough, they can be treated by plants. I, PAPA GONOU, have knowledge of plants that can help you get pregnant again. For the spiritual consequences, the woman who has already had an abortion or the man who has already participated in an abortion, needs to recognize her wrongdoing and spiritual follow-up; because abortion has very deep spiritual after-effects, for this fundamental spiritual work must be done. Those concerned must seriously repent, not do it again and then ask God for mercy.

Treatment of the great master PAPA GONOU with plants and the purification bath ritual to ask for forgiveness and be purified


-Bark of ekebergia capensis (see image)

-Leaf of calotropis procera (the Apple Tree of Sodom in French)

-Black soap (only)

Preparation: Pound the bark and leaves of the Sodom Apple Tree in a mortar. Mix with black soap

How to use ?:

Take your bath (at bedtime) with this soap and a new sponge with your wishes (asking forgiveness from the Almighty to forgive you for this act committed).

Do this bath for 7 days and you will be purified and forgiven.

Please note: this soap prepared and consecrated by the necessary rituals is available from the great master medium PAPA GONOU




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